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Mass Spectrometer

First we helped create the standard. Now we’re setting the bar even higher.

The Pernicka PC 422SV (small volume) Mass Spectrometer was designed and manufactured at our facility in Fort Collins, CO. Its chief engineer, founder John C. Pernicka, is regarded as a pioneer in the vacuum technology industry, and helped to define the earliest military standards for testing.

Pernicka has four certified testing systems online at our facility, ready to meet your testing needs.

The PC 422SV provides quantitative analysis of gas mixtures with an accuracy of +/- 1.0 percent of the measured value; traceable to NIST for non-condensable and condensable species such as water vapor, down to ppm concentrations and volumes as small as 0.0002scc.


  • Mass Range 1-512 AMU
  • Sensitivity: less than one nanogram, or partial pressure greater than 1E-15 torr.
  • Sample size: .0002cc to greater than 200cc
  • Calibrator: 0.02cc ,0.002cc, 0.001, 0.0002cc
  • Calibrator: 10cc, 1.0cc, 0.1cc, 0.01cc
  • Calibrator: 200cc, 100cc, 10cc, variable volumes
  • Report Summary: Comprehensive test results, employing Pernicka's proprietary data tools

To learn more, you may download the white paper , Gas Composition Analysis of Hermetic Structures as a Non-destructive Test