Custom Manufacturing

Built-to-order solutions for your unique manufacturing needs

Pernicka's custom manufacturing expertise stems from our long-standing dedication to innovation and exacting standards. Pernicka can build a product, part or prototype to your precise specifications whether you need a single test unit or a large production run. Offering a wide spectrum of capabilities, Pernicka has custom-built everything from ultra-high vacuum flanges to obsolete vintage aircraft parts. And all our production processes are automated, so we can offer extraordinary quality and precision.

Custom parts and products: quality-built precisely, tested thoroughly
Our top quality materials, proprietary processes, and extensive troubleshooting experience make Pernicka's custom manufacturing unit the ideal solution for your build-to-order needs.

Pernicka's proprietary surface treatment outperforms standard electrochemical and chemical passivation techniques. Our treatments reduce effective surface area, sticking coefficients for polar molecules, and diffusion rates in hydrogen from bulk materials. This unique process delivers faster pump down times and lower base pressures at no harm to the environment. (read our Unique Surface Treatment white paper - PDF)

At Pernicka, we don't just build to your specs. We work with you to create the best solution to a specific design challenge - quickly, precisely, and cost-effectively.

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"I have been very pleased with the workmanship and reliability of the instruments we have purchased from the Pernicka Corporation."

"The residual gas analyzers (mass spectrometers) the Pernicka has custom manufactured for us has enabled us to quantitatively analyze gases and moisture in a wide variety and size of sealed devices."

Charles J. Cook
Honeywell, FM&T.

See for yourself. Check out a few of the systems and parts we have custom-built: