Consulting Services

Pernicka’s consulting services improve ROI, solve tough problems

John C. Pernicka's life-long love of innovation and technology has made him a respected resource and invaluable problem-solver for the vacuum technology and semiconductor industries. John is available to consult with your company to help define and refine your manufacturing processes. We can help develop and define an entire process, make suggestions to improve existing processes, or provide the process system and equipment you need.

Whether you manufacture laser gyros for the Iridium Satellite System, TRGs for the Trident Submarine, or packaging for semiconductor products, John's team can provide invaluable process insights to improve and ensure the reliability of your products.

In many instances, simple adjustments are all that are required to solve seemingly difficult reliability issues. Occasionally, materials compatibility or environmental problems need attention. In any case, Pernicka's process expertise and problem-solving skills have provided invaluable long-term benefits to each and every one of our consulting customers.

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