Analytical Testing

Accurate, certified results for your RGA testing needs.


Residual gas analysis (RGA) testing for commercial and military parts requires unerring accuracy, strict adherence to industry standards, and precision-calibrated instrumentation. At Pernicka, we helped define today's industry standards, and have continuously held suitability certification from Defense Supply Center Columbus (DSCC) since 1978. Pernicka is both DSCC-certified and ISO 9002-certified to perform semi-micro quantitative analyses of liquids, solids, and gasses.

Our certified testing procedure meets or exceeds existing military standards:
MIL-STD 45662A
MIL-STD 883, Method 1018
MIL-STD 750, Method 1018
MIL-STD 883, Method 1008

"Pernicka has a 'can-do' approach to taking care of their customers' special requests. In their lab, employees have come in on weekends many times to receive 'hot' parts and begin the prebake so we could have results on Monday morning. Pernicka is the preferred lab for our RGA testing needs."

Trevor Devaney
Hi-Rel Labs

We test parts as diverse as:

  • semiconductors
  • UB packages
  • hybrid packages
  • crystals
  • glass tubes
  • laser gyros
  • gas cylinders
  • gas samples
  • heart pacemakers
  • nightvision tubes
  • flow meters
  • flat panel displays
  • bubbles in plated surfaces
  • double-bagged medical products
You may download the white paper titled: Gas Composition Analysis of Hermetic Structures as a Non-destructive Test to learn about one of our many non-standard procedures capabilities.

Pernicka offers exceptional quality and customer service:

  • Rapid turnaround in three to five days
  • Priority 24-48 hour turnaround service available;
  • Daily instrument calibration to MIL-STD 45662 to guarantee accuracy;
  • Extended testing range - our Pernicka PC422 Mass Spectrometer exceeds the standard and allows us to detect and analyze complex molecules such as flourohydrocarbons; (link to specs)
  • Comprehensive testing for total gas composition (link to sample datasheet)
  • Expanded sample size range - from .0002cc to 200cc in volume