About Pernicka

Scientific Spirit, Innovative Results

Pernicka's extensive experience with custom manufacturing has paved the way for its contributions in standardizing testing for military and commercial parts. Although our focus is now on conducting those tests quickly and accurately for our many global customers, our beginnings were nothing short of pioneering.

John C. Pernicka founded the Pernicka Corporation in 1973 in response to an exigent need for custom equipment to solve unique manufacturing process problems. Larger manufacturers turned to Pernicka to help build and test the new processes and equipment they envisioned as low cost and efficient solutions.

Pernicka developed and manufactures computer-controlled machines to build high-tech products such as:

  • Gen III night vision tubes used on the Cobra Helicopter
  • TR tubes used on the F16, AWAC, F117A Radar
  • Laser Gyros used on Satellite Navigation Systems
  • Ion Lasers used for eye surgery
  • Excimer Lasers used in heart surgery
  • HeNe Lasers used in supermarket bar code scanners